Tuesday, November 15, 2011


With Smashwords, if you make it into the Premium list, which is basically just making sure you follow the design guidelines and meet the criteria set out in the guide – then you start to get listed on other online bookstores.
I made it to the premium list last week.

Tonight, a quick search reveals that I’m now on Barnes and Nobel and another website called Diesel eBooks.  I had to type The Zmora in to find it; it wasn’t like it came up on the front page in 172 point type with flashing lights…  But at least it’s there.
I had a minor setback in my eBook PR search; in that the hard disk on my laptop died and I’ve had to send it off to repair.  For a week or so at least, I’ll just see where it goes via the Smashwords engine.

Of course my lack of laptop hampers my ability to also, which is as annoying as hell…

The upside is that I’m on borrowed computer, I’m actually working.  And on something else. Something new.  Setting The Zmora free was the right thing to do and at the right time I suspect.  We can cling to those stories forever, but to what gain..?

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