Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dawn Breaking

I was unaware of dawn breaking when it happened at my place; I didn’t wake up until about 9am given that my daughter and I went to a 12.01am showing of Breaking Dawn, part one of the last of the Twilight movies.  They leave it so long between movies that I keep thinking I’ll be disappointed.  I wasn’t; it was actually pretty good. 
I have read those books multiple times.  Why?  I mean they are not particularly well written.  In some places I have cringed at how she has worded things or spoken in what she considers, teenage lingo – but it was a fantastic story.

I’m a horror fan and the original Dracula was a love story; so I didn’t consider the love interest part to be so far-fetched; but she then went on to alter everything we knew about vampire!  No burning in the sun; garlic – myth!  No crosses…  Sparkly!!!   So anyone that can write a story about a vampire, change every rule previously written; have an average writing style – but still sell over 100 million copies globally and pack out the movie theatres at 12.01 am on opening night; can tell a story.
Of course it is so damned romantic that you can’t help but leaving the movie wondering what you did wrong as you get into bed next to a lump that doesn’t even wake up!  I’m not even hoping for the sparkly super human bit!

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